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In case of other comments, feedback, bugs or questions, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to bvhviewer@developmentinmotion.nl.

BVHViewer 1.1 released!

BVHViewer 1.1 has been released! Next to some minor bug fixes, the new features allow for even faster browsing through a directory of BVH animations. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

BVHViewer 1.0 screenshot
  • Page-up/Page-down button to open to prev/next animation in the directory.
  • Space bar plays/pauses the animation.
  • Current file is now shown in window title bar.
  • Support joint names containing spaces.
  • Support Mac line endings.
  • Minor bug fix.

Unleash the GOAT, the Gait Offline Analysis Tool

Over the last two years at Motek Medical, I’ve worked on GRAIL, a clinical gait analysis system, providing joint angles, moments and spatio-temporal parameters in real-time. Motion capture data, force plates and EMG measurements are also recorded. Such systems require fast and robust algorithms for step detection, inverse kinematics and inverse dynamics.

Using the GRAIL system, a large set of gait parameters is collected in real-time. Presenting all these parameters to the user is a challenge. In order to give the clinical gait specialist a tool for further offline analysis of this data, we developed the Gait Offline Analysis Tool.The Gait Offline Analysis Tool, or GOAT, can be used as a communication tool between lab technicians, physiotherapists, movement specialists and rehabilitation physicians or orthopedic surgeons.

A file with previously recorded GRAIL gait data can be loaded for offline re-processing and analysis. It presents the user the GRAIL’s synchronized video data, motion capture data, ground reaction forces and an interactive set of customizable graphs. Data can be exported as texts, graphs or a complete gait report.

For more information on the GRAIL or GOAT, please visit the website of Motek Medical.

BVHViewer 1.0 Released!

I’ve released BVHViewer 1.0, a robust visualization tool for the Biovision Hierarchy (BVH) animation format.

BVHViewer 1.0 screenshot
  • All possible rotation orders
  • Local joint positions (Xposition, Yposition and Zposition) for all joints
  • No assumption on hierarchy

Local joint positions are supported by the format and allow for bone scaling, making it ideal for Kinect output. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Welcome to my website

I’ve created this website to present my work as a researcher and developer in the field of virtual environments. I have been working on many aspects of VR, but the main focus lies on motion synthesis, motion planning, motion analysis and computer animation.

For an overview of my work, take a look at my portfolio and my list of publications.

Currently, I am setting up a page on which I will share some software I’ve written over the years related to animation and VR.