Motion Analysis

Since 2012 I’ve been working at Motek Medical on systems for real-time motion analysis. Motion analysis can be considered the opposite of motion synthesis and motion planning. Recorded human motion, often consisting of a set of marker trajectories, needs to be represented in (clinical) parameters that are intuitive and well-defined.

In particular, I’ve worked on GRAIL, a clinical gait analysis system, providing joint angles, moments and spatio-temporal parameters in real-time. Motion capture data, force plates and EMG measurements are also recorded. Such systems require fast and robust algorithms for step detection, inverse kinematics and inverse dynamics.

Using the GRAIL system, a large set of gait parameters is collected in real-time. Presenting all these parameters to the user is a challenge. In order to give the clinical gait specialist a tool for further offline analysis of this data, we developed the Gait Offline Analysis Tool.The Gait Offline Analysis Tool, or GOAT, can be used as a communication tool between lab technicians, physiotherapists, movement specialists and rehabilitation physicians or orthopedic surgeons.

A file with previously recorded GRAIL gait data can be loaded for offline re-processing and analysis. It presents the user the GRAIL’s synchronized video data, motion capture data, ground reaction forces and an interactive set of customizable graphs. Data can be exported as texts, graphs or a complete gait report.

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