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BVHViewer 1.1 is a robust visualization tool for the Biovision Hierarchy (BVH) animation format.

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Although there are several viewers to be found on the web, this is one of the few that supports:

  • All possible rotation orders
  • Local joint positions (Xposition, Yposition and Zposition) for all joints
  • No assumption on hierarchy or framerate
  • Fast browsing through a directory of BVH animations (using the PageUp and PageDown buttons)

Local joint positions are supported by the format and allow for bone scaling, making it ideal for Kinect output. For example, the exported BVH files from Brekel Kinect can also be viewed.



Version: 1.1
13.6 MiB

 Example BVH files

Older versions


In case you found a bug, have a feature request or a comment, please use the form below or send an e-mail to

18 Responses to BVHViewer

  1. FLX says:

    Thanks, great work.

    I’ll just add one thing :

    If you could add a multiview, a gallery or something to allow us the opening/preview of multiple files at once, it would be genius.

    This is a great tool but a bit frustrating when you’re looking for a specific animation amoung thousands of bvh files 🙂

  2. Paul says:

    Great Work – Thank You!

    One wish would be a Linux version 🙂

  3. Tetsuoo says:

    Well I’d like the ability to remove the ground, as with some BVH files the character is not properly placed (through the floor). Or maybe instead the possibily to move the character

  4. Mike "ex-genius" Kelley says:

    Thanks a lot for this! I’ve tried at least three other tools (including BVHacker) and none of them would play even half of the BVH files I have (including BVH files I paid good money for). So far this one plays them all, so good job.

    This will be really helpful as I try and get things organized (I’m trying to sort through a few thousand files to get it down to only the very best to use in iClone).

  5. joe says:

    Hi, it looks great, and thanks for doing this, but the browser is not working on my win7, only viewer is working. I am doing everything like you did, tried it 10 times, no connection with player.
    Do you know what could be a problem?

    My steps:

    1. Run Viewer (working OK)
    2. open my BVH files in windows browser
    3. Run BVHV_Browser.exe (It’s in my tray)

    Now, I am going back to my BVH files window, and clicking on my BVH files but nothing is loading in my player…?

    I would really appreciate if You could give me some hints…

    Thanks again!

  6. Nacho says:

    Perfect and simple tool! Thanks a lot! 🙂

  7. abdulrhman says:

    excellent tool , thank u.

  8. Greenlaw says:

    Wow, this looks very useful. Thanks for making it available to the community. 🙂

  9. James says:

    Great Job!

  10. Ryan says:

    I got a returned email error, so I’ll post my commentary here:

    Some suggested feature requests:

    – Autoplay on load option. This would be incredibly handy.

    – Make pgup/pgdn (or any two keys) cycle the next/previous file in the current working directory. The current working directory should be wherever the last file was loaded.

    -Make the file name of the BVH file being displayed stay in the status area (below the play button) instead of disappearing. It is always helpful to have a persistent file location reference.

    – Drag and drop functionality. Optimally, this would change the working directory to that which the loaded file originated from so the user could press pgup/pgdn after dragging/dropping.

    In the meantime, I’ve created a companion program called BVHV browser which allows the user to cycle mocap files faster using BVH Viewer:

  11. Maxime says:

    Thank you for this.
    But I have some problems to read my BVH files. I have the error message :”Not able to read BVH file”.
    I didn’t find what is wrong in my bvh file. Any idea of what it could be?

  12. Rodrigo says:

    Thanks for this tool!

  13. Max says:

    Thanks for this. Keep up the great work!

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